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Complete Family Care, LTD - Reno, NV - Last Update 6/22/2016
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Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of Service do you provide and to what age group?

We provide ambulatory care to people of ages 5 and up.  Family
Practice Doctors are well versed in  the care of newborns all the
way to senior citizens.  We treat and diagnose minor ailments.  
We also refer patients to other specialty doctors when
necessary.  These includes but not limited to Dermatologists,
Urologists, Pain Management Specialists, Physical Therapists,
and other  specialists.

What type of insurance do you accept?

To accommodate our patients, we accept most  insurance
carriers.  Al list of insurance  providers could be found by
clicking the "Insurance" tab above.  If your insurance is not
listed, please give us a call, as we might have recently added
your insurance provider.
What is a DO or an Osteopath?

"D.O." meaning  "Diploma in Osteopathy" is a four-year
graduate-level academic degree offered to physicians and
surgeons in the United States. Holders of the D.O. degree are
known as  osteopathic medical physicians. D.O.'s are trained
much in the same way as M.D.'s.  However, Osteopaths  have
additional training in  osteopathic manipulative medicine