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Patient Testimonials:
Dr. Yco:  Congratulations on opening up your own practice, I knew you could do it.  I still want to be your patient as
over the years I have come to trust you totally and you make me very comfortable.  You have done a great deal for
me towards my health goals and I want to thank you for that.  I am fine as of right now with prescriptions so my next
appointment will probably be in March.  Would you like me to have my files sent to your office from urgent care?

Again, I am so glad you didn’t leave town as to find another doctor with your skills and personality would be

Thank you

Doctor Yco is one of the best P.C.P’s  I have ever had and with me being 73 years old I’ve had quite  a few. To tell
the truth he spends all the time that is needed with a patient to make sure he knows exactly what is wrong and
prescribes the correct medications. He also makes  sure you go to the correct specialists and follows up after you
have gone to them. Dr. Yco and his staff are very friendly and hopefully he will be my family Doctor for a long, long


Our family is pleased to have Dr.Yco and his wonderful staff in our lives.  We truly feel we are getting the best care
and service in this office and we highly recommend this practice for all your medical needs! Leo, Leslie and Ross


I am sorry this testimonial is a bit tardy but I truly appreciate you, the staff, and especially Dr. Yco. You have come
through a particularly challenging time in moving/creating the practice (building, patients, staff, insurance carriers,
etc…) with professionalism and patience. As I have indicated before, all the practice deserves recognition for
maintaining a high degree of health care during the transition.

I would also like to take this opportunity to point out my appreciation for Dr. Yco as my Primary Care Physician. His
kind mannerisms and warm smile add to his bedside manner which settles the curious mind when ailments
arise. His high degree of knowledge coupled with his genuine concern as truly commendable. I am proud to call
Dr. Yco my doctor and would recommend him in his field of medicine to any of my friends and family; in fact, my
wife is looking forward to making a switch to Dr. Yco too!

In closing, I recommend your practice anytime I am asked “If I know a good Doctor” due to the reasons above. My
response is usually “ I know a REALLY good Doctor and if you would like, here is the contact info.”

Keep up the excellent work!


Will Wearne


Dear Dr. Yco & staff:

Thank you for your stellar support beginning with our initial meeting back on April 27th!  If not for your detection of a
thyroid tumor during a routine physical, I would still be unaware of its presence.  

I wanted to update you and thank your staff, particularly Jessica for all her assistance in scheduling my various
tests and referrals.  You and your staff have earned a family's trust and gratitude for life.  Furthermore, thanks to you
mine will be a productive and lengthy one!

All the best to you and yours.


I have seen Dr. Yco for the last five years. He is the most personable doctor I have ever met, and lights up a room
with his smile. He truly cares about his patients and always addresses their needs. Simply put, he is the best.


From:  L.Wood  July 9, 2012
As a sever sufferer of migraines, I was given the opportunity by Dr. Yco to have Botox injected into the appropriate
pressure points, to reduce the pain and increase my quality of life.  I have suffered from migraines since
approximately the age of 11.  Dr. Yco, inserted the Botox on two occasions.  The first series of injections was done
the last week of May, and the second was done during the first week of June.  Being a skeptic about the Botox
helping my migraines, I have to admit that I am quite pleased with the results.  The migraines have lessened and if
one does “hit” the severity is much less debilitating.  Of course, without Dr. Yco’s immense medical knowledge
and his incredible awesome ability in practicing medicine, it is he, who I thank for helping me.  
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Dear Friends,

In case you need a good family Doctor or want an
adjustment from a DO instead of a  Chiropractor, Dr. Yco is
your Man.  I assume in the beginning, the time to wait for an
appointment will be short.   Office 775 853 8888


Bob M.
My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Yco  for the past
4 years.  He is our Family       
Practice doctor and our Osteopath.  We highly recommend
him.  He is thorough,   
professional, compassionate, and personable.

Cathy and Jim Rossner